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Cellular Mapping Expert

Are you a Criminal Defense Attorney looking for a second pair of eyes on a Criminal matter? We are able to obtain CDR  via Search Warrant our Investigators have template database that will outline the reason of the search warrant to present to the presiding magistrate over the case. 

Want to know if your client was at the scene or in the area the crime was committed at the time of the decedent, last phone call made we can tell you and provide a power point while testifying on our findings in court, giving you the exact location in detail with video format.

Boykin & Associates are able to identify the following:

 - Identifying Cellular Providers

 - Establishing Exigent Orders -

 Mapping and Live Tracking - 

Provisioning GPS Information - GPS Technologies -

 Legal Concerns -

 Reviewing Call Detail Records - In Depth Case Studies - 

Cell Theory - 

Undercover Operations - 

Advanced Mapping -

 Court Orders/Search Warrants -   

Court Presentations -

 Coverage Maps - 

Pattern Analysis -
Social Media and Devices - 

MAC and Wi-Fi Tracking - VoIP and Non-Conventional Tracking cell phone expert cellular forensic cellular mapping in Jacksonville

Boykin & Associates, LLC provides a wealth of digital forensic resources for every client's need. All work is performed by Boykin & Associates, team, all certified and highly trained professionals forensic analyst using the latest in state of the art equipment, software and industry best practices.  Boykin & Associates,  stands behind our work and will gladly take the stand in court to testify to it's authenticity and validity.

Since 2014, Boykin & Associates has been providing forensic services to clients with a penchant for a high quality, elite work product. He continues with that same determination today as he did back in 2014.  

Forensic Data Recovery

Cell Phones are complex and unpredicable.     

Boykin & Associates, LLC  will do all it can to get you: 

  • All available data stored on the mobile phone itself
  • Call History: Calls made and received (date, time, duration)
  • Voicemails
  • Calendar
  • App data
  • Email Accounts
  • Internet History and Bookmarks
  • Dropbox data
  • Wifi’s used (great for finding location of someone)
  • Notes
  • Dictionary of slang and terms used by the user
  • Contact list (personal phone book)
  • Text messages (SMS – short messaging service)
  • Instant messages (IM), iMessages
  • Facebook Contacts and Messages (Messenger)
  • Photographs
  • Videos
  • Documents
  • Calendar
  • Emails
  • Custom ring tones (a distinctive ring-tone may be remembered by a witness to place someone at a physical location)
  • Locations (establishes people’s physical location or direction of travel)
  • Data stored on SIM cards (Subscriber Identity Module) This is a smart card containing a processor and non-volatile memory. It is used as a storage device for subscriber related data
  • Customer Number (IMSI – International Mobile Subscriber Number). With the help of the network provider the customer who owns the phone can be identified.
  • Cell Phone Number (MSISDN- Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Digital Network).
  • Data stored on an auxiliary memory card
  • Taped Conversations
  • And More…!

Boykin & Associates also provide JTAG  and Chip-Off forensic services for those very difficult phones that are password protected and are virtually impossible to get into.

Mobile Phone Spyware Discovery

Can a Smart Phone be Bugged?  Yes!

Boykin & Associates, LLC  is the first in Florida to ever offer Mobile Phone Spyware Discovery Services in the USA in 2014.  To date, they are the leader in mobile phone spyware discovery services!

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ATTORNEYS:  Are you an Attorney needing an Expert in Mobile Forensics?  Look no further!  With nearly 30 years of investigative and  court room experience, Boykin & Associates, LLC willl:

  • Advise you of your case's standing and advise you of what the "other side" has left out (and tell you HOW to get it!)
  • Perform our own in-house expert forensic examinations on all phones and records in question
  • Provide you will timely reports
  • Appear in court to testify to our findings

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