Cellular Mapping Investigation

Cellular Mapping Class for Investigators

 The evidentiary value of cell phone investigations as they relate to call detail records. The class syllabus incorporates several case studies attendees will investigate using CDR’s from each major provider. The case study workshops in this cell phone investigations class allow students to experience the process of investigating call detail records from beginning to end by mapping them with or without the use of an automated system, ensuring a final product they feel confident testifying to in court. This course is always evolving, sometimes from one class to the next, to keep up with the ever changing world of cellular technology.

Boykin & Associates are able to identify the following:

 - Identifying Cellular Providers

 - Establishing Exigent Orders -

 Mapping and Live Tracking - 

Provisioning GPS Information - GPS Technologies -

 Legal Concerns -

 Reviewing Call Detail Records - In Depth Case Studies - 

Cell Theory - 

Undercover Operations - 

Advanced Mapping -

 Court Orders/Search Warrants -   

Court Presentations -

 Coverage Maps - 

Pattern Analysis -


Social Media and Devices - 

MAC and Wi-Fi Tracking - VoIP and Non-Conventional Tracking