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 Computer forensic investigation is an ever growing field that is far more complex than most people realize. As a private investigator firm, we understand not only the digital aspect, but just as important, we also understand the legal concerns. 


Computer Forensic Investigation Services

These days, you cannot turn around without seeing some sort of digital device. From laptops to smartphones to digital cameras, these machines are everywhere. A computer forensic investigation is so much more than simply searching a hard drive. We are a team of private investigators that have the skills needed to find the truth on any device. Many things that we find may be used as evidence in court. To get the job done right for you, we need more than just IT mastery. We also need knowledge of the law and rules of evidence. Our years of experience as PIs will make your computer forensic investigation a success. Call our office right away if you think you need help.

Our clients often find that the data needed was erased or damaged. 

A virus can cause internal problems, and physical damage can prevent some analysis as well. Our computer forensic investigation techniques can get around these issues. This is a far more involved process than what the IT staff at your office does. Our refined methods may even be able to recover data that was given up as lost. We will dismantle and rebuild anything to get to the truth. Later, we will explain in court how we found the evidence. Our testimony in court could sway the entire case in your favor. Contact us today to get the truth you need to win.

Patience is the key to a computer forensic investigation. We are a team of private investigators that will put in the hours to make sure we get it right. We know how important this is to you. This could literally be a life changing issue. You can be sure that we will handle it that way. 

Spending the time to find the truth could make all the difference. We are committed to earning your trust through our hard work. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can get started, so do not wait any longer. 

Cyber Crime Investigations
As the number of digital systems increase, so does cyber crime. When our private investigators conduct a computer forensic investigation, we will fight to find the truth. We often find that our clients need help with cyber-stalking. Do not be afraid. We will help you through this. Whether you are a private citizen with a personal issue, or a large business that requires a computer forensic investigation, we will handle it. Outside of regular work hours, our clients get a private, after-hours number. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a concern. 

Boykin & Associates are able to identify the following:

 - Identifying Cellular Providers

 - Establishing Exigent Orders -

 Mapping and Live Tracking - 

Provisioning GPS Information - GPS Technologies -

 Legal Concerns -

 Reviewing Call Detail Records - In Depth Case Studies - 

Cell Theory - 

Undercover Operations - 

Advanced Mapping -

 Court Orders/Search Warrants -   

Court Presentations -

 Coverage Maps - 

Pattern Analysis -
Social Media and Devices - 

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Forensic Examiners plays a vital role in a criminal case proceeding. 

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