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Examining geo location artifacts and records of call details, also known as cellular triangulation, is a process which is critical in all legal proceedings and investigations. However, it’s something that’s often maltreated or misconstrued. The analysis and presentation of this data is provided to a jury by Cyber Forensics Examiners, we use this data for the purpose of helping confirm a location or disprove case evidence that’s based on location.

While examining Call Detail Records (CDRS) from different carriers, a cellular tower data is helpful in cases where the relative time span is in correspondence with one or multiple cellular towers being used for cellular communication such as an SMS, a voice call or some other recorded event. It’s also essential to decipher and recognize cellular anomalies and call patterns. Furthermore, it’s also important to have a firm grasp on the various methods cellular service providers utilize to CDR data. 

When it comes to investigations and legal proceedings, CDR data can be a source of invaluable information. However, as the majority of cellular providers retain the data for limited periods, it becomes important that computer forensic examiners are contacted an involved in the process as early as possible. If you’re seeking an expert cell phone forensic examiner in Jacksonville Florida, get in touch today to find out about the services we provide.

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How Cyber Forensics Assist with Cellular Triangulation


When it comes to acquiring call detail records (CDRs) and analyzing them, Boykin & Associates, LLC provides complete assistance. Our expert team of forensic examiners will coordinate with you even before you acquire data from a cellular provider and ensure that the appropriate terminology is used in a letter of preservation so that loss of data can be prevented. Furthermore, we also offer services pertaining to retaining court orders or the appropriate subpoena for particular subscriber records, tower dump records or neighboring towers.

After the initiating steps of acquiring CDR data have been taken, Boykin & Associates Forensic Examiners possesses the knowledge and the expertise to help you in properly analyzing the data. CDRs hold numerous types of valuable data including call time and data activity, the information and details of call lengths, SMS details, details on the cell site where the call originated from and details of the cell-site where it terminated. The combination of this data can be helpful in determining the exact location of an individual, what they were doing and whether a crime was committed or not. 

Regrettably, lots of attorneys and investigators disregard cell tower data. It can be a source of critical information in cases that revolve around events in which location is key. Although information on text and call length can be easily understood by laypeople, only a professional or a cyber forensics examiner specialist can effectively analyze cell tower information. 

Sector and tower information is reported by cellular providers in a different manner. Unlike Cyber Forensics Examiners , expert witnesses such as law enforcement personnel and prosecutors don’t have the knowledge or the expertise to interpret and analyze this intricate data. In addition to sector orientation and subscriber data, we can acquire and effectively analyze tower locations, anomalies and much more as well. Furthermore, we also utilize environmental surveys and, if required, will even plot a relevant tower through coordinating an in-field environmental survey.

After an expert analysis is conducted, we can also provide you with expertly created mapping diagrams. Moreover, we also provide expert witness services to aid you in your case.

Cell Phone Mapping & Triangulation
Cell Phone Mapping & Triangulation