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Cheating Spouse

Professional infidelity investigations begins with you, the client. You  must admit to yourself that you suspect your spouse, partner, or  significant other is cheating on you. If you need proof but cannot get  that information yourself, or are afraid to get caught in the attempt,  professional infidelity investigators at Boykin & Associates will collect evidence in a  thorough and confidential investigation. 

Suspecting that you have a cheating spouse can make you question your  own sanity. Offloading your worry to a professional infidelity  investigator gives you relief from being on high alert for every phone  call, text message, or email your partner receives or unexpected plans  or unusual work obligations your partner has. You no longer need to  decipher coded statements or read between the lines of your spouse’s  comments. A professional investigator will do that job for you.
It’s difficult to go about your own life when you suspect your spouse  of cheating. You can’t focus on your job, children, or other  obligations because you’re devastated by the betrayal that you suspect  is going on right under your nose. 

Attempting to gather evidence on your  own is unwise – you’re too emotionally invested in the situation. An  impartial third party, like a private investigator, takes the burden off  your shoulders.

If you are ready to give yourself a break from the stress and finally  hear the answers about your spouse’s infidelity, contact a professional  infidelity investigator in Florida.

Clients Role in a Professional Infidelity Investigation

In a professional infidelity investigation, you will be asked to  provide information about your spouse’s behaviors, schedule, alleged  whereabouts, changes in their routine, and typical means of  communication. The more details you can provide, the more  cost-effective, thorough, and careful a professional infidelity  investigation will be.

The idea of spousal surveillance can make some people as nervous as  their spouse’s unfaithfulness, but our private investigators conduct  surveillance legally in all areas of the investigation. Each step of an  investigation is carefully plotted to ensure that full coverage is  provided where necessary to gather evidence of your spouse’s infidelity.  Most of all, the investigation is done surreptitiously – professional  investigators know how to blend in and stay out of the way while  following your spouse.
A professional infidelity investigation can include:
Taking photos.
Taking videos.
Monitoring internet activity.
Tracing emails.
Using a vehicle tracking device.
Conducting asset searches.
Following the subject.
Seeing who he spends time with.

 Suspecting that your spouse is guilty of cheating is one thing,  getting solid proof of the adultery is quite another. You have no idea  how you will feel in the moment that you receive confirmation, or what  you will be tempted to say or do. Having the support of an experienced  private investigative team on your side allows the information to stay  in a more businesslike atmosphere for at least a little while until you  have time to absorb the details and make some decisions.

Not every private infidelity investigation ends in sudden doom. There  are cases where adultery is not taking place. There are cases where  being unfaithful with another person is not the infidelity, but there  are financial infidelities. We have seen all manner of situations and  outcomes from infidelity investigations, and you should not feel  embarrassed, ashamed, shy, or worried about wanting answers to your  worries and suspicions.

With help from the experienced private investigators  at Boykin & Associates, you can get the proof of infidelity that you need for legal  matters, divorce, child custody, and for your own peace of mind. If at  the end of the investigation there is nothing untoward going on, you can  move on in your relationship knowing that you have solid proof and that  your investigation will always be safe with us.

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