Insurance Investigation

Boykin & Associates assist the needs of  Insurance claim managers, adjusters and supervisors  who require investigation of a competent and cost-effective nature to figure out legitimate losses, refute non-covered claims, and tackle fraud. In addition to litigation investigation, Boykin & Associates,LLC  team of surveillance Investigators offers exceptional coverage, damage, liability and SIU with customer service being our highest caliber of service. We want to reassure our insurance company clients that our investigations regarding insurance claim and defense are conducted according to established guidelines that are proven and time-sensitive. 

In our 11 years of field experience, our specialized and trained Investigators with Boykin & Associates, LLC have successfully conducted thousands of investigations in various fields of insurance such as life, property-casualty and disability. Regarding SIU investigation, it’s just one of the core disciplines we specialize in when it comes to the PC lines of insurance. We have found extreme success in investigating cases of jump-ins, home and auto thefts, staged accidents, policy and premium fraud, operator and garaging issues, theft rings, BI build-up, agency fraud, deception and misrepresentation claims and medical provider projects. We employ a variety of techniques to provide high-quality investigation & surveillance services. These techniques include, but aren’t limited to, scene investigations, recorded statements, surveillance, interviews, acquiring questioned documents, canvasses, city and town hall research, social media research and accumulating information that’s source related, even discovering insurance schemes to defraud.

Boykin & Associates has a concise and incisive investigation reporting system which documents all the relevant facts and figures of a case in a conversational yet detailed manner, with the final result of the investigation being listed at the end, this is very imperative and is admissible in courts of all states. The success of our expert insurance investigators has propelled us to the very pinnacle of the insurance claim and defense investigations field. Our goal is to provide the claims professional with true facts so they can evaluate reported losses in an accurate manner. 

In addition to prioritizing the client’s needs, we maintain the integrity of the claims handling procedure while assuring that client satisfaction is upheld with the claimant/insured. Regardless of if you deny or accept a claim, the main objective is to have that business or individual maintain that relationship with your insurance company. Achieving this objective is our main focus during all of our investigations. 

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