Missing Person Investigation

Missing Person

A missing persons investigation is just that – a search to find someone  who is missing. Whether you are seeking a runaway teen, a kidnapped  minor, missing relatives, a lost love, birth parents, former classmates,  or a deadbeat dad, sometimes you need professional assistance to find a  person, especially if they don’t want to be found. The professional  missing persons investigators at Boykin & Associates Investigations will use  sophisticated tools and techniques to help track down the person you are  seeking. 

Emergency Missing Persons Investigation

If your missing persons case is one that calls for the involvement  law enforcement, you already know there are time limits to satisfy  before a full-blown investigation is likely to begin. Police do the best  they can with the resources and time they have, but when you need  answers immediately, or you need to feel that something is being done  immediately while the clock ticks on, a professional private  investigator will start searching right away and keep searching until  you are satisfied with the answers you have been given. If this is an emergency and you need help finding your abducted child or runaway teen right now, contact us at (904) 377-4956.

When you reach out to a missing persons investigator, seek a  professional who conducts investigations that can, if needed, deliver  court-admissible evidence. Discretion, confidentiality, experience, and  professionalism are all necessary for the private investigation of  missing persons.

Who Has Been Lost in a Professional Missing Persons Investigation

Not every missing persons case is an emergency. If you are looking  for a former love or long-lost family member, if someone owes you a debt  or you want to locate your estranged child, a private investigator has  access to resources that are far beyond anything an internet search can  deliver.

Private investigators have tools that help them gather information  you are unlikely to find anywhere, and sometimes gather details that  even a police investigation might not uncover. Missing persons  investigators can

Gain access to places other people may not have the ability to enter.
Network with other private investigators to broaden the search.
Gather information from informants who may otherwise refuse to share.
Use surveillance techniques to observe areas a missing person may frequent.
Use tracking devices to physically follow suspects in a missing persons case.
Conduct background checks.
Question witnesses.
Search hospitals, mortuaries, and other facilities where a missing person or victim may be.

Why Choose Boykin & Associates for Your Missing Persons Investigation?

Whether you are seeking a missing person  domestically or internationally, Boykin & Associates has a global reach when it comes  to professional resources. We have the capability to conduct thorough  missing persons investigations, and the experience to get the  information that will help you take action or carry on.
Our investigations are fast, affordable, and reliable.

We minimize  delays with a finely tuned team of experts who support one another,  giving us the ability to dig deeper into a subject’s past and uncover  their present. Whether time is of the essence or not, every missing  persons investigation at Boykin & Associates is handled with through our adaptable  cross-platform investigative technique. Our digital era makes  information-gathering easier and more difficult, simultaneously because  there is so much room for error. Eliminating bad or outdated information  accelerates turnaround time so you don’t have to wait longer than  necessary for answers in your missing persons investigation.

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Law Enforcement has limited timing into working your families Missing Person Case. We have time and various resources to locate your loved one.