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Marshall Boykin (President &CEO)

 Marshall Boykin*, CLI, CFI, CFSI, FPN, IFI  ,  is an award winning national  private investigator.  Marshall and his seasoned team of investigators are available for all types and phases of investigative assignments.  He is a Board Certified Social Media Intelligence & Cyber Investigations Expert.  

Mr. Boykin has been qualified as an "Expert in criminal investigation" by the courts.  Marshall has 8 years of investigation; He is recognized as one of the nation's foremost private investigators and trainers, consultants, and speakers in the area of criminal defense investigation & Fraud Investigation as featured on WJXT Channel 4 news,  providing his investigative expertise to government agencies. 

Marshall has worked and certified in Surveillance Insurance fraud Investigation which resulted in a 5 million profit to insurance companies.; he is known as a personable, polished and professional Paralegal with a certification in Advance Paralegal Studies through Florida Gulf Coast University.

 Marshall intends to take necessary testing to gain additional certification through to gain additional credentials. Marshall has relevant experience working with Allstate as a Paralegal/ Case Manager, where he conducted interviews and legal research using LEXIS NEXIS, MYCASE, WESTLAW, FEDERAL RULES OF CIVIL AND CRIMINAL PROCEDURES, FLORIDA RULES OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT, UNIFORMITY POLICY PROCEDURES; processed and maintained necessary documentation/ files for hundreds of cases at any given time, assisted with depositions and composed and filed litigation. 

Additionally; Mr. Boykin has experience  with Risk Mitigation to reviewing various Personal Injury, Dissolution of Marriage, Criminal Defense, Wrongful Death, Officer Misconduct Investigation, Insurance Fraud, High Profile, Human Trafficking, Homicide Investigation cases and claims while assessing coverage, budgets and financial risk, accordingly. 

Mr. Boykin has a high volume in case management experience handling 20-30 cases daily, without compromising attention to detail and quality service, he is also responsible for directing managing a team of 5 Paralegals/Legal Assistants. During his spare time he likes to Weight train and Box. 

Marshall has also served as an Investigative Intern, where he wrapped up his residency with the Public Defenders Office. 

Mr. Boykin continues to pursue other avenues for his company including expanding services to over 10 states by the year 2022.


2009- Bachelors in Fire Science.

2009- Fire Supervisor, National Fire Academy.

2009- Cause & Origin Arson Investigation.

2009- Fema- 100, 200, 300, 400,700, 800.

2014- Board Certified Fraud Analyst.

2016- Graduate- Paralegal, Florida Gulf Coast University. 

2016- Graduate- Legal Investigation, Florida Gulf Coast University. 

2017- Insurance Fraud Scheme- NICB

2018- Board Certified Social Media Expert. 

2018- Board Certified Cyber Investigator. 

2018-June- Board Certified Human Trafficking Investigator.

Marshall Boykin earned an B.S. and Degree in Fire Science and has graduated from numerous Fema, firefighter and civilian advanced investigative training schools and programs.  

Mr. Boykin is the Director of Compliance Division for a Private entity in Florida. Curriculum Vitae is available upon request. private detective private investigation.

Bobby Lewis (Chief Investigator)

Mr. Lewis worked for in various cases including contractual cases with the United Stated Secret Service; Bobby has a degree in Criminal Justice and mainly handles Surveillance interference. Additionally: Mr. Lewis has worked high profile cases involving missing persons and homicide which resulted in his findings of additional evidence lacking law enforcement Investigation resulting in an arrest of 3 fugitives.