Boykin & Associates, LLC  focuses on the need to assist Criminal Defense Attorneys in building the defense needed to prove their client charge did or could've committed such a crime.

Criminal Defense Investigation plays a very important and vital role in defending the tort violator. 

We have Investigators that are Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigators who specialize in Criminal Defense Investigation and working with the defense team. 

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 Technology is ever changing and the increase to use technology as evidence weighs heavy on the matter in question.

 Boykin & Associates focuses on new levels of portability combined with the ability to process massive amounts of data, computer forensics plays a significant role in our investigations. From comprehensive digital data capture to electronic discovery and evidence preservation, our forensic information technology specialists leverage on-site data recovery, as well as detailed analysis from physical or logical data sources.

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Boykin & Associates, LLC covers a wide arrange of Surveillance Investigations from Cheating Spouse, Insurance Claims Investigation, Alive and Wellness Check and so much more. 

Our season teamed of Surveillance Investigators focuses uses the most comprehensive tools and court admissible resources to win your outcome in Criminal and Civil Proceedings. 

Drone Surveillance available on special assignments.

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Skip Trace Investigation

Not sure where the person is and need to obtain accurate information to serve the person for a civil matter? 

We have unlimited and accurate resources available to tracking and locating people any where within the united states. 



Boykin & Associates, LLC partners with other Investigative agencies to expedite Investigation matters for clients in an array of areas. 

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