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Why Online Dating Investigations are vital. 

With  online dating so popular, you would imagine it would be easy to meet a  significant other nowadays, right? Wrong. There are 40 million Americans  using online dating websites. That is a lot of profiles to sift  through. If you happen to find a potential match, it is understandable  to be excited. 

You must also be smart though. Before your heart gets too  invested in someone, look into Online Dating Investigations.

A whopping 53% of people lie on their online dating profile. Being  dishonest about age, appearance, and income is one thing, but 10 percent  of all new profiles are actually fake. Yes, completely phony, yet  carefully created to accomplish a mission of fraud. This is a massive  amount of deceit occurring. It is only wise to look into online dating  investigations to ensure the person you meet is sincere and, for that  matter, “real”.

Internet dating scams  are a legitimate threat to all participants. The FBI issued a warning  to users (please see link below) last year.  The best line of defense is  to conduct online dating investigations to avoid any fraud or possible  criminal activity.  Criminals know online dating sites are an ideal way  to take advantage of (possibly vulnerable) users. Our suggestion is to  look into online dating investigations PRIOR to any emotional  attachment.  These scammers are professionals at forming bonds or  connections, sometimes emailing and chatting for weeks or months prior  to asking for anything in return. By this time, it may be too late to  think clearly, to realize you should be performing online dating  investigations on him/her.

Online dating investigations help to reveal a person’s true identity.  Only when you know this can you really begin a relationship. In the  meantime, here is some information you should know about the most common  scams:
The Basic Scam: after establishing a “trusting relationship”, you are  asked to send money to help your new interest. More hardships arise and  you are asked to send more.
The Money Laundering Scam:  Like in many scams, your new interest  will be out of town (this is a red flag, by the way), and you will be  asked to either cash checks for him/her or to forward a package in their  absence. Your act of kindness actually made you an unknowing  participant of criminal activity by sending stolen merchandise or  cashing phony checks.

Extortion and/or Scandal Scams: After an online relationship has  grown close, the scammer will casually direct the conversations to a  more intimate level. In some cases, photos are exchanged; in other  cases, conversations are recorded. The material is then posted on public  sites and, to have it removed, you must pay.

Perhaps you are already in an established relationship; it could  relatively new, long-term, or even a “long lost love” you are hoping to  find, but something about the relationship leaves you feeling unsettled.  If it is becoming an issue that you need resolved, it would be  beneficial to speak with an impartial yet knowledgeable expert.
As private investigators, our job is to uncover the truth. We know  when surveillance is the best route and we have state of the art  equipment to do it properly. We also have the ability to conduct  comprehensive background checks if you have concerns over someone’s  honesty or past history. If you are worried your partner is being  unfaithful via social media, we have investigations geared directly  towards these platforms. If you are hoping to reconnect with “the one  that got away”, we are able to locate him/her. Whatever questions you  have about your relationship status, we can get you answers.

Once we obtain the information you need, we can offer sound judgment  on your next step. If we locate your long lost love, we can let you know  if he is now living with someone else or appears to be single. If we do  surveillance on a suspicious partner and discover that she is cheating,  we can obtain video evidence that will hold up in court. If your new  boyfriend suspiciously never invites you to his place, we can inform you  of who else lives at his residence. 

Whatever your relationship  situation, if you need help getting answers, there is no question that  giving us a call will only help you.

Dating is a risky business, to begin with. While we do not have a  crystal ball and we cannot predict whether a relationship will last or  not, we can help get you the information you need to make informed  decisions to protect yourself as much as possible. After all, dealing  with a broken heart is painful enough but you can avoid the suffering  from additional repercussions – loss of money, identity theft, ruined  credit, humiliation, and regret. 

Save yourself the hurt and  embarrassment of not acting intelligently, call us and ask about our  online dating investigations if you are getting involved in a  relationship stemming from an online encounter. 

If you are already in  a relationship but are having questions about the validity of it, see  how our relationship coaching can help get the answers you need.
The  money is never wasted. Both services, Online Dating Investigations and  Relationship Coaching, will either give you vital information regarding  possible fraud or give you peace of mind so you can finally enjoy being  in love. Call today. social media investigation