Boykin & Associates,LLC in Jacksonville

Florida Client

Mr. Boykin thank you for giving me the Information I needed when it came to my divorce case. You're teamed worked the case until the final judgement of my divorce proceeding. I will infidelity recommend you to my friends and colleagues. 

Private Investigation Agency

Our company is based out of Los Angeles and we hired this firm to conduct surveillance on cases that we have assigned in the Florida Jurisdiction. 

Mr. Boykin and his Investigators were quick and testified on the allegations which caused the subjects to serve 30 years in State prison. Gentlemen we thank you for your service. 

Private Investigators

Missing Person Client

My family contacted Boykin & Associates to locate my husband as he has been missing for three weeks. I have been extremely worried and not to mention we have a new born together. Mr. Boykin and his staff were very caring and located my husband on the second day of their hire.  Awesome work guys!!

Defense Investigation

My uncle was arrested and occused of theft. Mr. Boykin and his team saved my uncle 30 years in Prison and the state gave him 1.5 years in State Prison. 

Frequently Asked

What are your rates?

BOA- Rates are based on the case and service requested. 

How much is the retainer ?

BOA- On average to get the case started we require $600-1,200 down which is half of the price you are quoted.

Can you start on my request right away I'm pressed for time? 

BOA- We start on all cases Immediately after being hired. 

If needed could I use you to testify in court? 

BOA- Absolutely, our Investigators and evidence that we present are court admissible and we are able to authenticate our work. 

Are there any restriction of travel?

BOA- Florida Reciprocity states.

What states are you licensed to Investigate?


BOA- Florida, Georgia is pending. 

What type of cases do you typically handle?

BOA- We handle all Criminal Felony, Civil Domestic, Surveillance Insurance matters, Missing person and much more. criminal investigator Boykin & Associates,LLC in Jacksonville